Above: The TLR, a former paper mill whose future is to be determined. Photo courtesy of Diana Jones Photography.

Below: Grist Mill area of L.R. Burleigh Bellows Falls lithograph, 1886

3 Grist Mill area Burleighjpg.jpg


It all started when...

In 1965, the historic Adams Grist Mill was slated to be torn down.  Some residents of Bellows Falls were none too pleased and came together to save it. And so the Bellows Falls Historical Society was formed.

Today, the Society manages a large collection including documents, photographs, clothing, tools, machines, and other materials. It continues to work to carry out its mission to establish and maintain a museum for the exhibition of historical artifacts and implements relating to the history and growth of the area in and around the Village of Bellows Falls and the Town of Rockingham.